Happy New Year from all of us at Security Masters Ltd and we hope that you all had a very enjoyable festive season.

Often at this time of the year we start making plans to move house, have a home renovation or book a holiday. Well, I can help you with all of these in a manner of speaking.

If you’re moving home, please get new locks fitted as soon as you move in. The reason is that you can never be sure who the previous owners gave keys to. No one deliberately forgets to get all their keys back from people who have copies, but I have been called out to homes where an unsuspecting long lost friend with keys has dropped in to a home with a new resident, causing much distress to both parties. On a similar note, if you’re moving into rented accommodation make sure you ask the landlord for a new front door lock at the very least. Most should be happy to oblige, as again, who can be sure how many keys are in circulation. Changing the locks protects you and the landlord’s property from unwanted intruders.

If you’re having a renovation, I wish you luck with it. We had a new kitchen fitted last year and added a conservatory. It has added new life to our home and it feels like we have a completely new house. If on the other hand you just need a few odd handyman jobs to be done to tide you over, why not give our HomeCare team a call for a quote. We can smarten up a room with a lick of paint or some new flooring. We can fix a dripping tap, hang some pictures or put up shelves. Perhaps you need a few DIY type jobs to be done without the expense of calling out several tradespeople. Just let us know what needs to be done and we’ll do our utmost to help.

So finally, onto holidays. I hope you’ve booked somewhere lovely for a break this year. We have a home away from home in the UK which we visit regularly and it really makes us feel refreshed. Wherever you’re going, we hope you have a lovely time but please get your home security checked before you go. We offer a free home security check in South London, some parts of Kent and East London. Fantastic holidays can be ruined and end in complete heartbreak if you come home to a burgled house. It can turn a house into somewhere you no longer feel safe or at home in.

Holiday Burglary

We wish you a very happy, healthy and safe year ahead. Don’t forget if you need us, we are always happy to give advice. We are also here for emergencies 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and we offer a nationwide service. Keep our telephone number 020 8850 8356, somewhere to hand just in case you find yourself locked out, or if you’re the victim of a burglary.

Author : Security Master – Mark Radford
Added on : 2015-01-12