Christmas is almost here. We hope you’re winding down for the season and have lots of plans to celebrate with family and friends.

At Security Masters, we specialise in keeping homes safe, well maintained and secure, so you can rest easy. But did you know it’s not only individual residential houses and flats we provide security and maintenance solutions for, but also residential blocks too?

Here’s how we can help block managers with security and maintenance solutions for residential blocks

  • We maintain common areas, including entrances, doors and frames, windows and hallways and keep external areas tidy and clear of hazards.
  • We actively search for potential problems, such as trip hazards, so that it doesn’t take an accident to flat up a maintenance issue.
  • We keep our eyes peeled for other security or maintenance issues whilst undertaking work. We look for broken locks, split door frames, cracked window panes and electrical faults to ensure the safety and security of residents.
  • As qualified locksmiths with over 35 years experience, we can also make suggestions for improvements in security to prevent break ins and loss or damage of property.

Suggestions may include:

  • improved door lock systems
  • window security
  • door frame reinforcements
  • access control
  • electric releases
  • CCTV
  • security installers
  • fire doors with vision panels

We work closely with several block management companies helping them with all of the above services.

Find out more about our recent work via these two links:

Block management services:

Installation of fire door vision panels:

We wish you all a warm, safe, secure and happy Christmas, from all of us at Security Masters.