We talk a lot about making your business COVID-secure at the moment and the restrictions that the pandemic has brought on us. But there’s another big area to consider and that’s making sure your business is winter secure. What do we mean by this and what are the four big things you should consider? Let’s take a look. 

Install or upgrade your CCTV 

There are many benefits to having a CCTV system on your business premises, both inside and outside. The external system is a great way to see who wants to access the property without going out to the door and letting the cold in! 

But joking aside, CCTV should be at the heart of your security system alongside a burglar alarm and your door and window locks. The presence of a CCTV camera is an instant deterrent to many criminals who look for potential weaknesses to exploit. 

Inside the building, CCTV helps prevent shoplifting and staff abuse. People are more careful when they are being recorded. And if there are incidents, you have footage to provide to the police so your staff feel safer. 

Consider access control systems 

Access control systems are often paired with CCTV and alarms to create a comprehensive security framework for your business. There are a few options including: 

  • Code entry systems 
  • Pin keypad entry systems 
  • Magstripe card operated systems 
  • Proximity token systems 

Once you have chosen the method you will use to restrict access and where the units will operate, you can then think about connections with other systems. For example, you can connect with CCTV so that if someone opens a door, you can view on a screen or smartphone to see who it was and where they went. 

Make sure shutters are in top condition 

Heading into winter is a good time to check the condition of shutters. With the worsening weather, if they have weaknesses, this could impact their effectiveness and allow someone easier access. 

Or it may be that you want to upgrade your shutters. Upgrading these systems can also allow you to have some integrations with other security systems installed, such as operating CCTV when someone enters through the gate. 

Restrict access to car parks out of hours 

With the dark nights, it is also worth restricting access to car parks that are part of the business property when you are closed. With a range of grills and gates available, you can add a level of security that comes into effect when no one is around to stop unauthorised access. 

Being secure for winter 

Here at Security Masters, we offer a range of services for homes and businesses to help you feel more secure for the long nights of winter. We offer free quotes on all work and can help you spot weaknesses or areas to improve. Have a comfortable, safe and relaxing winter season! Contact us for help.