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Keep Your Home Safe During Your Winter Holiday

This time of year, many jetsetters pack their bags and head off to indulge in a bit of sun while the UK is dark, dingy and cold. If you’re flying somewhere nice and joining the post-Christmas exodus, it’s important to ensure that your home stays safe while you’re away. Two of the things that attract Read More


Access Control for Your Business

Access control is a modern and reliable method of keeping businesses secure. Lots of businesses, both large and small, are making use of access control… and since you’re reading this, you’ve probably been looking for some information. In this article, we consider the uses and advantages of what’s fast becoming a commonplace security solution. How Read More


Keeping Your Business and Your Employees Safe

As an employer, you have a huge responsibility to keep your employees safe and secure. In this article, we look at some of the security hazards and how to prevent them. Main security hazards include: Burglary and robbery; Fires; Unsafe buildings; Poor risk assessments; A lack of employee education. There are lots of effective ways Read More

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Why Property Maintenance is Important

Property maintenance is an integral issue for any proud homeowner, and it’s best practice to keep your home spick and span. If you’re keen to make some adjustments or repairs to your property, it’s essential that you undertake the maintenance properly. In this article, we consider the reasons why property maintenance is so important: Time Read More

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How to Meet Home Insurer’s Requirements

All homeowners are keen to get a simple, understandable, affordable insurance policy to protect their home and their belongings… and that’s probably why you’re reading this blog post. But, did you know you could bring your premiums down if you can show your insurer that your home has the necessary security measures? Read on to Read More